Reason On Why Diss Tracks Won’t Save SA Hip Hop

Reason has spoken out on Twitter about why diss tracks won’t save SA Hip Hop.

This comes after Big Zulu teased his 150 Bars diss track to his fellow rappers.

South African rappers have been trying hard to promote and revive the genre after it was declared dead for a while.

However, Big Zulu’s diss track created a lot of buzz on social media and prompted other rappers to respond to the Nkabi Records boss.

Reason clearly admitted that South African hip-hop is still dead, despite the excitement over the diss tracks that were recently released.

“So. I hate to say this. But. These diss tracks are not bringing hip hop back, hey. They only benefit Big Zulu and KO,” Reason tweeted.

Reason admitted that what Big Zulu and K.O did is special, but he openly said that it’s just a moment that doesn’t provide a long-term solution to save rap in South Ah.

“But the only thing that can revive hip hop is for hip hop artists to revive themselves. That’s it! Yes, this is a special moment. But it’s only a moment.”

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