LYRICS: A-Q & Brymo – This Is War

The highly awaited joint album by Nigerian rappers A-Q and Brymo, ETHOS, has finally been published. The third single from the masterpiece, This Is War, has official lyrics that you can read and sing along to.

Press Play & Sing Along 👇

And I may not be, he who kneels for means
To be what he already is
And I am the one, who finds the itch
Who scratches it to bleed, who watches it to heal

And it was not me, who brought the battles to be
Yet I decided when you deem
That this world was coming for me
It was not free, but I held the joys, what gives
And I decided for me that will be
What this world has chosen for me, to be

People don’t need a real reason to hate
But the reason they hate me, I’m living with grace
So much devotion it’s easy to read your emotions
It’s written all over your face
Tell me I’m wrong, tell me you’re not going to judge me
Even though I pleading my case
Tell me I won, tell me I’m great
Same reasons they want my head on a stake
They coming for me with the coldest weaponry
The kind of artillery you find from within, say you’re my brother
You Judas, I’m not Jesus, I’m done sacrificing myself for your sins
Tell me I’m free, I promise I’d leave if you promise
To leave out my kids from this beef
Stand at ease, lower your weapons
There’s nothing worth fighting for but freedom and peace

It was so sleazy, if truly
You lost control and you stole from me
You don’t need the permission, you already gave
When you yearn to burn by [?] the wheel
And it was not me who held the joys, what gives
Maybe I would have stolen the kill
While this world, so slippery to hide from me

Understanding every second you’re dying
So every seconds passing, something’s implying
You’d never get it back, so what are we timing
No perfect timing to deliver this rhyme, and
Forgive me baby I’m not up for the running
The Tinder swindler my enemies are coming
Perpendicular to enemy lines
Check particulars, I’m not scared of dying
Every second I’m grinding, A neck full of diamonds
That’s not my design and
Imagine what I’d do in hell when I get there
Got to give me heaven, for everything l lost here
The people I trust here, bringing war here you don’t know warfare
Or what it will cost here
The people I lost here you don’t want war here

And it was not me
But I held the joys, what the deal is
And I’ll settle for me the one to end these wars
For freedom and the fun of it
And it was not me who held the joys, what gives
Maybe I would have stolen the kill
While this world, so slippery to hide from me

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