L’vovo Ready to Perform Again

L’vovo has revealed that he is still struggling to walk after his car accident in May.

The accident happened while he was driving his silver VW Polo from his home in Newcastle.

The Kwaito star reassured his fans that the situation was not so bad, as it was only his leg that got seriously injured on my leg.

He had to use a wheelchair after he was discharged but doctors helped him walk again. However, he still has a limp.

“I’m in a good shape now. I feel the energy and I’m fit for stage. I’ve been missing my fans and I’m sure they miss me too,” he said.

L’vovo said after the accident, he was not getting any bookings.

“I understand that most organisers and promoters thought I would not be able to perform. Yes, it was hard after I was discharged but I worked hard to be able to walk again with the help of doctors and the people around me, including friends and family”

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