“I’ve Been Too Nice,” Priddy Ugly Reacts to Upcoming Artist Who Called Him a Pvssy

Priddy Ugly slams an upcoming rapper by the name, Tyran for calling him a pvssy.

The genesis of the beef is unknown but Priddy is blatantly not pleased with the up-and-coming artist.

From Priddy’s response, the two have met and have been once nice to each other, but Tyran has taken the niceness for granted.

“@yungtyran u wanted my attention, so here it is. A response via raps is something I don’t care to waste time doing. U a nice guy & I’ve already extended myself to u, before I even met u, & clearly I’ve been too nice. U let your insecurities & ego get the best of u. All the best,” the rapper replied the troll.

Tyran crossed the line after calling the rapper a p*ussy.

“Calling me a “pussy” however is YOU testing my manhood, & u gon’ have to see me about that in real life & we definitely gon’ see each other – so keep the same energy. Come test this fear you speak of. A test to u, since u clearly got a personal problem, come say it to my face,” Priddy Ugly added.

However, Tyran seems unbothered by Priddy’s reaction.

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