DJ Maphorisa – Stop Calling Me Amapiano Gatekeeper

DJ Maphorisa warns people to stop calling him Amapiano gatekeeper.

The music producer said the genre has no gatekeeper, but some Twitter users adamantly said he is the gatekeeper, due to the saga with Dr Malinga.

“Amapiano ke “With or without u” movement, no gatekeepers let it sink in,” the DJ wrote.

DJ Maphroisa perceived the people’s stubbornness over the issue and further addressed it, using Uncle Waffles as an example.

“I see u don’t get it, no one owns Amapiano, anyone can do it and win, good example, look at Uncle Waffles one trending Adiwele video the rest was history.”

She did it alone. Ohh look at Costa titch is doing alone and winning, stop saying I’m a gatekeeper,” he added.

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